The Beginning of EcoStory

By Vera Pajovic

While Ecostory was formally established during the COVID lockdown, I had been tossing up the idea of focusing my marketing skills and experience on something more than just general travel for quite a while.

I have always been passionate about nature based experiences, learning about other cultures and supporting local communities wherever I travel. In Europe, and Holland in particular, where I grew up, everything is so close and accessible. I remember, as a child we used to go on holidays to Germany to the Eiffel region and discover the forests and mountains or to Bordeaux in France, with its great beaches and beautiful sunsets.

From a young age I enjoyed the outdoors and travelling to new places. I had the pleasure of living and working at the Sani Pass Hotel in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa during my university time. Located in the Drakensbergen, some 10km from the main road and the nearest village, this was my first truly off grid experience – it was inspiring.

Many years later, in Australia, I had the opportunity to work for Papua New Guinea (PNG) Tourism. It was here where my passion for eco-tourism and travel was really ignited.

This beautiful country opened my eyes in terms of the impact of tourism: Positively, as it helped so many communities earning an income allowing for better basic services such schooling and health care. Negatively, as parts of the country were (literally) run over by too many tourists.

I learned a lot about the impact of marketing as well as tourism operators on a destination, and how collaboratively manage this.

In following marketing roles at companies such as the Kokoda Track Foundation, CLIA Australasia and Spencer Travel, I continued to work on eco-travel and sustainable tourism projects and campaigns.

So when COVID hit, I took the opportunity to obtain a certificate in Sustainable Tourism through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and developed EcoStory, combining my marketing knowledge with my passion for sustainable travel. #lovewhatyoudo

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