We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.”


Welcome to EcoStory

Boutique agency offering marketing & social media solutions

Travellers are becoming more conscious and are increasingly aware of the impact their trips are having on the environment and the places they visit. They actively research and book with eco-friendly destinations, accommodation providers and tour organisations. 

EcoStory is a boutique marketing and social media consulting company that works in unison with your travel or tourism business. We create, formulate and curate sustainable stories and develop tailored integrated marketing solutions to promote these stories to conscious travellers.  


Services span from traditional marketing & PR to digital and social media.

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How we help

From complex muti-stakeholder organisations to family owned businesses, we know how to generate positive outcomes for your organisation.  Find out more.

About EcoStory

EcoStory was founded by Vera Pajovic, who has a long standing career in the travel and tourism industry.

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